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25 May 2011

Holy Man-Crafts Batman...literally!

It's a good week to be a Batman fan. Just one day after filming began on The Dark Knight Rises, along comes a new viral campaign in support of the flick that has already given way to our very first look at Tom Hardy as the villainous Bane! And, apparently, we have some tech-savvy fans to thank for getting the image to us sooner than later. It seems they managed to figure out that the spectrum of an audio file at the Dark Knight Rises website says #thefirerises, a hashtag that opens up a Twitter account, which when tweeted out slowly creates the above picture. Thankfully, they found a way to speed up the process and provide us with the big reveal now. Ahh. July 20, 2012, can't come soon enough!

In celebration of this first peek at The Dark Knight Rises, I offer you some Batman inspired crafts, all of which you can make yourself or purchase on

21 May 2011

A Very Manly Craft...Via

Today's craft comes from an unlikely source; Summer is just around the corner. The time for flip-flops and short shorts is coming. So what are we all to do with those bulky winter hoodies? Why turn them into clever laptop sleeves of course!

19 May 2011

Manly Product Feature: Goat's Milk Soap

World Market's Goat's Milk Soap is made with goat's milk, pure vegetable oils and contains no additives or preservatives. Goat's milk is well known as a natural moisturizer for soothing dry or aging skin. It will get you clean at the end of a long day at work, whether you are an accountant or a construction worker. Scents include Mangosteen, Sandalwood, Lavender, Red Jasmine, Green Seaweed or Lemongrass (my personal favorite). Available at World Market stores everywhere for around $4.99

Dawes: Four Man Band

Dawes is an American rock band comprising brothers Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith, Wylie Gelber, and Tay Strathairn, hailing from Los Angeles, California.Dawes is part of the Laurel Canyon sound, whose influences include Crosby, Stills, and Nash and Neil Young, among others, centered in the North Hills area of Los Angeles.The band recorded their debut album, North Hills, in Laurel Canyon in a live setting to analog tape, resulting in a sound that Rolling Stone magazine called "authentically vintage". Dawes' sophomore effort, entitled Nothing is Wrong, will be released on June 7th. Check out for more info and to hear some of the new album!

Scrabble Tile Pendant

Today's craft is one that the whole family can enjoy (mom, dad, brother, sister, and even uncle Bob). Scrabble is a game that has stood the test of time...but what do you do when your scrabble board has seen better days and you have to get a new one? You use the old tiles to make very fashionable (and gender neutral) pendants. All you need is a little Modge-Podge (which you can get at any craft store), an image printed off of your computer (some mustache clip-art perhaps?), a scrabble tile, and some imagination.

15 May 2011

Summer:The Season of the Beard?

The eternal summer question is almost upon us – to shave or not to shave? A lot of men grow “winter beards,” either under the assumption it will help keep their necks warm or as part of growing contest with their friends. The assumption that facial hair will keep your face warm in the winter is as wrong as the assumption that leads to too many cases of springtime shaving – that a beard will be hot and uncomfortable in the summer. While a beard does serve to keep your neck warm in the winter, the problem is snow and ice accumulating on your face fuzz during long walks or sojourns into the outdoors. Then you get inside, the ice melts and you have a cold, wet beard. Obviously, it’s easy enough to deal with this by simply wiping the snow and ice off your face before you go inside, but it’s important for potential shavers to realize that this same quality works in your favor in the summer. Your beard will help keep you cool for a while after you jump into the pool, pond or puddle in an attempt to fight off the summer heat.

08 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Thanks for always putting up with me Mom...even when I am a little bit of an ass