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15 May 2011

Summer:The Season of the Beard?

The eternal summer question is almost upon us – to shave or not to shave? A lot of men grow “winter beards,” either under the assumption it will help keep their necks warm or as part of growing contest with their friends. The assumption that facial hair will keep your face warm in the winter is as wrong as the assumption that leads to too many cases of springtime shaving – that a beard will be hot and uncomfortable in the summer. While a beard does serve to keep your neck warm in the winter, the problem is snow and ice accumulating on your face fuzz during long walks or sojourns into the outdoors. Then you get inside, the ice melts and you have a cold, wet beard. Obviously, it’s easy enough to deal with this by simply wiping the snow and ice off your face before you go inside, but it’s important for potential shavers to realize that this same quality works in your favor in the summer. Your beard will help keep you cool for a while after you jump into the pool, pond or puddle in an attempt to fight off the summer heat.

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