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23 April 2011

Manly Easter Eggs

Soooo Easter is upon us. And that means that hard-boiled eggs are also upon us…so we may as well make those eggs handsome (not pretty) right? and what better way to do that than by adding a mustache!?

But if mustachioed eggs are not your is a simple recipe for egg dye (you can of course always buy the PAAS Easter Egg Dye tablets at your local grocery, but if you wanna try things the oooold fashioned way, here ya go)

1/4 teaspoon food coloring

3/4 cup boiling water (for each color)

1 tablespoon vinegar (for each color)

For each color, measure food color, water and vinegar into bowl about size of a cereal bowl. Mix well with spoon, use separate spoon for each color. Following each color listed below, you will find the number of drops of each food coloring to be added to about 2 - 4 ounces of vinegar for dipping.

Lime - 24 yellow, 4 green

Purple - 15 blue, 5 red

Cantaloupe - 24 yellow, 2 red

Jade - 17 green, 3 blue

Plum - 10 red, 4 blue

Spearmint - 12 green, 6 yellow, 2 blue

Raspberry - 14 red, 6 blue

Maize - 24 yellow, 1 red

Watermelon - 25 red, 2 blue

Teal - 15 green, 5 blue

Enjoy a Happy Easter with the ones you love!

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