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28 April 2011

To Celebrate The Royal Wedding...A Buckingham Palace Jell-O Mold

Bompas & Parr was founded June 2007 and creates food art using gelatin desserts, colloquially called jellies. Named after the defunct food company of the same name, the company uses food molds to make edible decorations shaped like buildings and other architectural structures. Bompas & Parr (two manly-men with an affinity for bow ties) have been noted for their detail and have competed in culinary artwork competitions, an example being the Architectural Jelly Design Competition organised for the London Festival of Architecture.The company claims their projects explore how the taste of food is altered through synaesthesia, performance and setting. Currently the focus of their projects is gelatin based because they feel it is a perfect medium for an examination of food and architecture due to its plastic form and the historic role it has played in exploring notions of taste. Bompas & Parr also claims to be the first group to ever record the sound of jelly wobbling.

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